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Heatplus also has flexible SET Elipex pipes in range.
Elipex pipes are used for district heating as well as for district cooling. This self-compensating pipesystem, which is used in conjunction with network PE-Xa medium pipe for temperatures up to 95 ° C, is distinguished by its light weight and flexibility. With a Lambda value of outstanding 0,024W / mK Elipex is one of the top products of this pipe range. Easy installation, small number of links by big delivery lengths are further plus points of the SET Elipex flexible pipes.

The SET Elipex-pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with European standard EN 15632 from the demanded for Pre-insulated flexible pipe systems features, dimensions and quality.

The advantages:
• Minimum bending diameter of 1400 mm
• Low heat losses through high-quality insulation
• Prolonged waterproof tube connection system
• Delivery lengths up to 360 m (depending on the diameter)
• Saves time
• For wall passage no fixed point
• Small depth of the slot required
• Short delivery times

Heatplus has pipes of different diameters and also the associated fittings and accessories. You can easily buy the SET Epilex pipes on our site. Go to: www.voorgeisoleerdegrondleiding.nl

For detailed information please contact us on +31 (0) 572-390762 or by info@heatplus.nl  We would be pleased if you contact us.

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