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Environmentally friendly heating with biofuels is the future!

Heating with pellets, piece of wood / pellets, wood chips or other biomass are a great alternative for oil or gas heaters. Biomass is in fact a part of the cycle of the nature! Emissions of bioenergy-powered heating systems fall below the legally prescribed values, thanks to technological innovation as the electronic control and monitoring of the combustion process.

Clean fuel plays a major role. Heatplus recommends the use of certified products, to avoid problems! The certification guarantees that the fuel is free from impurities such as sand, glue or paint residues ect. Standards that we use for our installations; Wood Pellets: EN 14961-2: Class A1, Swisspellet, DINplus, ENplus or ÖNORM M7135 and Woodchips: ÖNORM M7133: G30-G50)

Woodpellets (EN 14961-2: Klasse A1, Swisspellet, DINplus, ENplus of ÖNORM M7135)

Wood pellets are pieces of compressed wood, which are suitable for wood-fired heating systems. It consists of fresh products of the wood processing industry, such as sawdust and pieces of wood waste. By compressing the waste wood particles you get pellets with high density and high calorific value. A small amount is, therefore, enough for a large amount of heat. In order to use to compare with the gas; consumption of 1 m3 of gas equals approximately 1.8 kg pellets. Yet another big advantage for optimal combustion of pellets is the Percentage of ashes: this is approximately 1%. This means that the ash box only needs to be emptied occasionally. Click the different pellet on the image.

Woodchips (ÖNORM M7133: G30-G50)

Woodchips are pieces of chopped wood. These have, provided they are properly dried, a high calorific value and are ideally suited to serve as fuel for wood-fired heating systems. In general, this fuel is readily available locally. Compared to pellets, there remains at the burning of some shreds axis over more and is slightly more volume needed for the same heat. For good combustion, you should take into account the moisture content and the size of the chips (ÖNORM M7133: G30-G50).

Log wood


Wood piece means; wood logs (firewood) to a length of a 0.5 meter. Piece of wood is locally available and to get the best performance from your system, we recommend using woods such as oak, beech, ash or wood.




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