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For SME applications Heatplus has different compact systems, that are equivalent in terms of comfort compared to normal heating systems. The systems differ from one another in the type of fuel (mostly with wood pellets or wood chips), but are fully automatic and easy to maintain. The systems offer the possibility of remote visualization and remote maintenance via a smartphone, PC or tablet PC.

All the designs from planning to delivery and installation are carried out within Heatplus, so the lines are short and we can take into account individual customer requirements. This allows you as a customer in collaboration with one of our technical consultants ensure the maximum saving on your energy and achieve a green image for your company.

There is also the possibility of a so-called. "Turn-key" solution, installation, buffertank and fuel storage built in a container and can be easily transported and positioned in to the most appropriate place! These containers are made costume made and can be adapted to the environment (eg. With wood conversion).  If only heat is needed for a season, we have the possibility for temporary heating with the Heaterbox.

Click on the picture of the different fuelbutton for more information about the wood fired heating installations.


Should you wish to receive further information, please contact us on T: 0031 (0) 572-3890762 or E: info@heatplus.nl Team Heatplus is happy to help you!

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